GLS established a solid European parcel network in just a few years after its founding in late 1999. It now extends to 37 states. Acquisitions and collaborations have been significant milestones in the company's existence since then. In many places, GLS has established its own companies—often complete networks—that have gone into full operation right away. GLS Italy National Express Service transports papers and items weighing up to 500 kg in a timely and secure manner. Throughout the country, deliveries are usually made within 24/48 hours. Throughout the country, we have 159 Depots and 13 Hubs. Their market presence ensures that you always have a Depot nearby and that deliveries are made quickly, even in remote areas. Flexibility is another trait that distinguishes GLS Italy. They are able to provide customized services for shipments that go beyond typical requirements, allowing them to meet any need. GLS have 22 local environmental representatives in each of the European countries where GLS has a presence, who work to guarantee that the measures outlined at the group level are applied to the individual local realities. They serve as local contacts for the group, promoting the exchange of ideas and the best Think Green projects while collecting data and outcomes that may be used to calculate our Eco-Footprint.GLS's nationwide express service is called National Express. Their high level of flexibility enables them to meet thier customer requirements on a consistent basis, providing them with custom-made solutions for the delivery of their goods in Italy.The productWith National Express customers can ship up to 500 kg, customising times, destinations and delivery methods.The service is carried out in compliance with the provisions of the General Conditions of the transport contract signed by each customer at the time of signing the finalised contract with the relevant GLS Branch.Advantages- Express door-to-door delivery service- Delivery in 24 hours in the peninsula, 48 hours in Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia- Multi-parcel shipments- Continuous monitoring with full information on the status of the shipment- Proof of delivery available online- Shipment bookable by phone, e-mail, GLS WeblabelingWeight and dimensionsMaximum shipping weight: 500kgMaximum size: 300cmMaximum weight per parcel: 70 kgMaximum dimensions per pallet (height x width x length): 200 x 150 x 130 cm

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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