GO! - This also refers to a devotion to a specific aim. For the sake of their customers and their business. Their growth has been comparably rapid: they began in 1984 as the "Working Group of German Courier Services." A strong base of seasoned city couriers. They've come a long way since then, and they're now Europe's largest independent express and courier service provider. Niederaula is their main hub in Hesse and consequently the GOcentral !'s hub. systems. Similarly large - about 7,600 m2 simply for logistics and cutting-edge technologies. They're also investing in other places and regional centers, so they're well-equipped for your needs. This is how it's done! Transport routes that are short and save resources, as well as throughput times that are quick. Flexibility, quality, dependability, and cost-effectiveness are the four factors they balance daily. All HUBs' line and sorting plans, as well as the available resources (transport capacity and employees), must be efficiently interconnected for this goal. Over 300 lines serve Germany's nationwide network of over 60 stations, as well as an additional 40 in neighboring countries. This means logistical supplies with very fast transit times for their consumers.They continue to invest in their infrastructure to improve this: in addition to Germany, GO! In Denmark, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Switzerland, the company has its own national companies. Belgium, England, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, and Hungary are all connected through permanent collaboration partners. Over 7,600 m2 of production and storage area, 127 gates, including 10 truck gates, 1,637 m of a conveyor system with 68 slides, 4 shoe sorters, and 14 telescopic unloading belts.For everyone involved in the GO!, they've created a set of guiding principles. GO!-affiliated businesses are grouped. The company Express & Logistics Deutschland GmbH makes its debut on the market. They consider adherence to and application of these principles to be the bedrock of their collaboration, and they actively live them out. They are constructing a live foundation with the mission statement that will make a substantial contribution to the group's overall performance through its integration into day-to-day activity.

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