For more than 15 years, the transport firm KIT has been transporting groupage cargo and parcels across Russia and the EAEU nations. During this time, I have gained a great deal of experience and professional skills. Their services are used by millions of people daily. They do a good job, of taking responsibility and listening to all of your requests. They have always been and will continue to be a people-oriented firm.ServicesCargo transportation through groupage – many clients' cargoes are grouped and carried in one vehicle. Interterminal transportation - They'll move your goods between Russian cities, the EAEU, and Georgia. Packing for cargo - They offer a wide range of packaging alternatives for the safe transit of any goods. Deliveries to the recipient's address - They will deliver the goods to the recipient's door anywhere in the city and beyond. Cargo insurance - They cover each shipment to provide you with additional safety. Cargo collection from the address - They will collect the goods from the sender's address for further transportation. Preferential shipping – Reduced charges for delivery to outlying settlements. Save up to 90% on your purchase. Cargo handling - During pickup and delivery, they will assist you in loading and unloading your items. Sending and receiving papers - They transfer documents as part of a larger package or separately.E-commerce delivery - Integrated logistics for online retailers, including packaging, intercity transportation, courier delivery, and cash on delivery. For online stores - Online retailers no longer require their delivery service. There's no need to keep a courier crew on hand or recruit material resources. Your account or personal manager can be used to create and update orders. Delivery throughout Russia, cash on delivery, and simple return of products or documents are all available options. For Individuals - When you need to place a quick and inexpensive order with an internet retailer. Secure payment upon receipt and purchase tracking over the internet Timed deliveries to an address or a pickup location that is convenient for you. Sending and payment security are guaranteed.Preferential shipping - Targeted delivery at lower prices from TC KIT's 240+ representative offices to 220+ remote areas. Save up to 90% on your purchase. "Preferential delivery" is meant for remote cities and small villages where KIT agents are not available. Cargo is collected from the address and delivered to the address according to a timetable on specific days of the week. This format enables you to mix client shipments on each regular aircraft and provide rates that are up to 90% less expensive than the industry average. A list of cities and flight schedules can be seen below. When you request transportation, a discounted shipping fee will be applied instantly.Parcel Delivery - A single fee covers all cities. The price is solely determined by the box size: 200, 300, 400, and 500. Send the parcel from any city where TC KIT has a representative office; if the recipient's city does not have a TC KIT terminal, send a parcel with door-to-door delivery. If the shipment fits in a normal box and weighs less than 12 kg, it can be transported via parcel. Extra packing is required for fragile commodities.

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