Hungarian Post

Some people like to shop, communicate, and handle their affairs using their computer or telephone, and there are those who prefer to go to the post office and trust the best in personal administration. What we all have in common is that we value speed, availability, convenience, and cost. With their services, they at Posti are always aiming to suit both types of needs. They have the greatest network in Hungary, with 356 mobile posts, thanks to our flight. Every day, their 27,000 staff labor across the country to ensure that your mail, parcels, and payments arrive accurately and on time, regardless of distance. In a year, their vehicles will travel 85 million kilometers. Their fleet of 4,400 cars is increasingly powered by electricity, which lowers pollution. Their couriers use 8107 bicycles, 509 of which are electric-assisted.Hungary joined the European Union's liberalized postal market on January 1, 2013. Magyar Posta will conduct universal service activities until the end of 2030, according to the Postal Act's designating provision. As a result, all citizens have a legal right and obligation to have access to postal services that meet their basic needs without discrimination. For that purpose, they work and deliver their services to everyone at a reasonable cost, in a manner that is accessible from anywhere in the country, and on a technological level.Posta is expected to deliver over 482 million domestic letters in 2020, with almost 70 million registered letter items. Domestic registered letters can now be tracked on the website and in their mobile app under the Tracking menu item, much like packages, from February 2019. You can mail your letter, postcard, or postcard to any of their post offices, or you can drop it off in the well-known red, street mail collection boxes located across the country.

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