IMEX Global Solutions

IMEX Global Solutions is a leading consolidator and distributor of enhanced business mail, parcels, and publications. IMEX processes millions of pounds of business-critical communication for companies targeting customers all over the world from their three state-of-the-art processing facilities.To manage all areas of project logistics and distribution, IMEX employs both proprietary and web-based software platforms. Their knowledge results in a number of cost-cutting advantages.The IMEX system simplifies the transportation of your communication products, increasing delivery success rates. IMEX Global Solutions can allocate delivery of your corporate communication materials to the organization that will provide the finest service thanks to contracts with more than 60 global/postal and delivery vendors. IMEX Global Solutions offers their clients the logistical experience they require to ensure that their overseas deliveries, publications, and business mail arrive on time and on budget.IMEX develops innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet the unique requirements of their business. Clients can rely on their experience, significant industry resources and ties, and commitment to continual excellence to help them meet their delivery goals.IMEX Global Solutions expedites the delivery of mail, parcels, and periodicals to addresses all over the world by designing and implementing strategic distribution plans. Clients of IMEX rely on them to deliver excellent execution and service, as well as tailored programs that match their needs and budget.IMEX Global Solutions continuously meets the needs of organizations across a wide range of industries, from order fulfillment to sorting and disseminating promotional information and marketing materials. Perhaps most importantly, they have experience assisting businesses in reaching out to existing and potential clients all around the world. Customers may rely on IMEX's relationship to help them stay competitive in the global market.

900+ Carriers and Postal Services

Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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