Israel Post is a 100 percent state-owned enterprise that provides universal postal services to the general public as well as financial services through a subsidiary, the Israel Post Bank. The post office underwent a structural transformation in 2006 when it transitioned from a statutory entity to a government corporation. The Israel Postal Company has established a goal for itself to become the national leader in e-mail and online commerce in Israel and around the world, based on sound business principles and profitable product lines, in a competitive environment, and using cutting-edge technology. Anywhere in the country, the company is committed to offering a high level of service that meets international standards. The corporation also promises to deliver advanced financial services to the general public through the Postal Bank, which will be open to all citizens of the country and will be equal to everyone.Israel Post has undergone a customer service revolution in recent years. On any given day, Israel Post serves approximately 120,000 clients. The service is available at 1,300 locations around the country; you can visit any of the locations to collect mail and packages, as well as to conduct financial transactions in the postal units.The company's recent improvements have significantly improved the customer experience and are part of adapting the company's activities to the era of online commerce, such as: extending the operating hours of approximately 200 branches, digital services that allow customers to conduct transactions without visiting branches, and opening post offices three days a week until 20:00. Pre-appointment system - "Queue in a click" - through the company's website, app, and phone 171. By scheduling an appointment with a single click, you can avoid standing in line and provide better and more efficient service to customers. The many methods for scheduling an appointment make it accessible to a wide range of audiences and industries. In Modi'in, the largest and most modern city in the Middle East, a national center for sorting packages and letters has been constructed, reducing package delivery times to clients. Hundreds of neighborhood parcel delivery stations have developed across the country in collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises, allowing customers to get their packages swiftly and easily. To give the best service, the centers are open in addition to the branches and during extended hours.

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