Jiewang International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 and has over 500 million dollars in yearly sales, supporting 10,000 cross-border e-commerce vendors and providing comprehensive logistics solutions for the industry. J-NET is committed to developing international resources and has established 6 direct overseas warehouses in Russia, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Cyprus, and other locations, with other overseas warehouses in Western Europe and South America in the works. At the same time, Jie.com is rooted in Russia, Israel, and Mexico, and has local customs clearance and delivery companies there.J-NET employs around 300 people in Russia, Israel, Mexico, Ukraine, and Poland, with over 180 in the United States and 120 in other countries. Jiewang people strive for perfection in simplicity. They have opened up all the links of "collection, reporting, transportation, clearing, warehouse, and dispatching" in the entire cross-border link through digital operations, dynamic early warning, and retrospective services, and have taken the lead in realizing full access + Fully self-operated service, providing one-stop cross-border logistics solutions.J-NET Russia Overseas Warehouse, J-NET Russia All-pass Express, J-NET Russia All-pass, J-NET Russia Surface Mail, and other special services are among J-NET International's self-operated "Russian All-pass" brand items. Jiewang International, as an excellent logistics provider for Alibaba AliExpress, not only conducts business in Russia but also provides door-to-door logistics and distribution services for cross-border e-commerce to nations all over the world.Jiewang International is a global provider of cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions. They tailor different logistics solutions to reduce logistics operation costs for customers based on the characteristics of their commodities (such as weight, packaging size, aging requirements, turnover speed, and so on). They provide full-service customer service professionals as well as careful packaging materials, shipping methods, distribution, inventory management, and sales assistants to their customers.Jiewang International is a first-class freight forwarding qualification member of the China Aviation Association and holds the Ministry of Commerce's international freight forwarding qualification. In various port cities, they have established cooperative relationships with various airlines, shipping companies, and large-scale agents, providing customers with professional port customs declaration, inspection declaration, warehousing, agency operations, agency air transportation, and other port services.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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