PT Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE) has been serving the community since November 26, 1990, specializing in time-sensitive import delivery through the 'Rush Handling' warehouse. JNE has gained a better level of reputation among consumers and partners as a result of its consistent fast, responsible, and dependable service. JNE Express Division handles shipments of time-sensitive packages and documents for domestic destinations through more than 1,500 exclusive service sites located throughout Indonesia, from pick-up through delivery. This service makes use of the quickest modes of transportation accessible and provides a variety of services based on the demands of the consumers. SUPER SPEED (SS) is a package delivery service that prioritizes speed to ensure that packages get to their destinations on time. You may now order thousands of different Indonesian specialties and snacks directly from the source. YES is a delivery service that is scheduled to arrive at the given times the following day (including on Sundays and National holidays). REGULAR is a delivery service that covers all of Indonesia, with delivery timeframes ranging from 1 to 7 days depending on the destination zones. OKE is a delivery service that covers all of Indonesia at a lower cost, but with longer estimated delivery times than REGULAR Services, depending on the destination zones. The JNE Loyalty Card (JLC) is a loyalty program for JNE consumers. JESIKA (Jemput ASI Seketika or Mother's Milk Express Delivery) is a service that transports breast milk from the mother to the newborn. JNE Money Remittance is a money remittance service provided by JNE in collaboration with Western Union, a world-class money remittance firm. JNE Pick-Up Point (PIPO) is a service that allows customers to receive deliveries differently. JNE @BOX is a delivery packaging service designed to meet the needs of air freight. DIPLOMAT is service delivery of very valuable products and papers directly handled by JNE officers (hand carry), with the certainty, security, and speed of delivery being prioritized from the pick-up process until the beneficiaries are personally received. JNE Online Payment (JOP) is a ticketing and billing payment service that includes online train ticket buying as well as PLN, TELKOM, and Speedy billings. JOP is sold in a limited number of JNE stores in Indonesia. JNE Online Booking (JOB) is an online JNE delivery ticket booking service that allows customers to fill out the delivery form and complete the transaction payment from anywhere and at any time via the JNE Online Booking website ( JNE International is an international delivery service. My JNE is an Android application that connects to JNE Express customers' phone numbers, including the sender and recipient of shipments.

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