KTM Distribution Sdn Bhd was founded in 1984 as a completely owned subsidiary of KTM Berhad. KTM Distribution has grown to become a powerful force in Malaysian express distribution since its inception. KTM Distribution now serves over 4,000 regular customers and has an ever-growing fleet of delivery vans. They are backed by a dedicated customer service team, which is growing at KTM Distribution. Door-to-door delivery of parcels and documents, station-to-station delivery of parcels and documents, courier service, transportation of motorcycles, flowers, and perishables, as well as other customized projects, are all available through KTM Distribution.At KTMD, they believe that attitude and values are critical to propelling the firm ahead to success, as well as sustaining its reputation. Their organization strives to be dynamic and adapt to changing circumstances. To achieve their objectives, they encourage their employees to be imaginative, and creative, and to come up with new ideas regularly. They can take the company to the next level if they can think outside the box and come up with new concepts. Their personnel is always pushed to grow and empower themselves while ensuring that the services they provide are of consistently higher quality. They also stress to their employees the importance of maintaining the greatest level of honesty while serving their consumers. Staff members are expected to be well-dressed and constantly have a grin on their faces. To maintain a smooth-running operation, KTM Distribution's workers from the headquarters office, depots, and all of their stations are urged to always exercise collaboration and good communication. They place a strong emphasis on creating a positive and enthusiastic work atmosphere for all employees.How much does this service cost?1kg - 5kg package costs only RM10.00; 6kg - 10kg package costs only RM20.00.Who can use this service and where does KTMD Rentas operate?Their Kuala Lumpur branch, located on Jalan Sultan, is where KTMD Rentas operates. Hishamuddin. This service is available to customers within a 25-kilometer radius.When will the packages be collected and delivered?If the customer's reservation is confirmed, items will be picked up between 1 and 7 p.m. The items will be delivered the next day or within the regular delivery time to the receiver.What is the best way to pay?Customers can make payments by cash, mobile internet banking, or immediate transfer.

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