Kyrgyz Express Post LLC (KEP) has been providing a wide range of postal, financial, and other services to individuals and legal entities in Kyrgyzstan since March 16, 2012, under the unlimited license no. 16-0028-KR granted on 19.08.16 by the State Communication Agency of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.KEP provides a wide range of value-added services in addition to basic postal services. KEP is currently aggressively pushing Electronic Commerce (eCommerce) in Kyrgyzstan, allowing its clients to work with virtual PO Boxes and providing convenient solutions for system integration. The expansion of electronic commerce is not Kyrgyz Express Post's main purpose. KEP also works with cargo transportation from outside the EAEU and within the EAEU. KEP's ability to deal with new directions in the industry is due to its unique approach to each client. Furthermore, KEP has been providing a wide range of postal services to large online businesses for several years. KEP also supplies numerous companies with the bulk mailing of letter-post, which is particularly popular in Western Europe and the United States, thanks to its printing facilities.POSTAL SERVICESAdded-value services - Upon the customer's request, postal products are delivered to his office. Postal item packing and packaging. Address forms are manufactured and applied. Filling out the paperwork Advertising materials are distributed in shipments. Email and/or SMS tracking of postal items. Notification of the receiver receiving the letter through email or SMS.International letter post mass mailing - Do you have a huge quantity of letters to send? Do you feel compelled to send a huge number of invites or offers to your customers all around the world? KEP can help you save both time and money. They will prepare your materials for printing, print them, and then ship them to the intended recipient at the lowest possible cost. Your shipments will be delivered as quickly as possible to any country.Universal postal services - International postal cards, Letters, Shipments with a declared value, Small packages, M-bags.E-COMMERCEE-commerce - E-commerce has become a need in today's world. Consumers are increasingly purchasing things on the internet. KEP can improve your company's logistics and build a system for exchanging items in both the B2B and B2C schemes. Modern electronic commerce (eTrade) necessitates a significant amount of resources, beginning with the rental of warehouses and ending with contracts for products delivered to the final destination. KEP can be viewed as an essential intermediate between your firm and the ultimate goal of receiving your items in this program.The EAEU's logistics - Sending a significant shipment to Russia or another EAEU country? Kyrgyzstan has been a member of the EAEU since 2015. This means that when KEP mail services traverse borders with other EAEU member states, no additional customs procedure is required. They will assist you in preparing the essential documentation for border crossing, following which they will be able to receive your cargo in Bishkek, where it will be processed and shipped to the destination by KEP mail.Returns and Shipping - They can work directly with more than 130 countries because they collaborate with international airlines like Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and Turkish Airlines. Special value-added services, such as Priority or Express mailing, allow you to expedite the processing of your items in transit and at their final destination. You can return your packages to the KEP warehouse or directly to your company thanks to international cooperation between postal providers.WAREHOUSINGWarehousing services - KEP makes its warehouses available to the eTrade network. They will pick up your cargo at the border or airport, complete all required customs procedures, and accompany it to their warehouse. They will be able to process the goods at the warehouse for future shipping as KEP mail. The cargo can then be held in the warehouse until the customer comes to claim it. KEP will ship the things to the addressee as soon as the goods are purchased, in compliance with postal restrictions. The final delivery of the products will be handled by the destination country's postal services.P.O. virtual box - They can provide a Post Office box for both domestic and international businesses (PO-box). Your virtual address will be assigned to all of your items. You can put all of your necessary shipments in the PO-box and send them all at once or in stages to your customers. Customers will be able to return to this virtual address at any time. The number of PO boxes you need is entirely dependent on your requirements.

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