Meest is the most successful Chinese delivery service to Ukraine, Russia, and Uzbekistan. Vyacheslav Lysenko is a co-owner of Meest China. Artem Stepanchuk is the proprietor.It takes time for things to be shipped from China. Meest offers air transportation if you have products with a limited shelf life or if you need to get a cargo as soon as feasible.This is a reliable service for shipping things from China. The company's website is the Chinese trading platform, which includes over 800 million products in Russian.Meest Shop works directly with, so the pricing for items are up to 70% lower than on other competitors.Beneficial conditions are offered for their customers:Stable and specific shipment times;Competitive prices;Private technique;Providers for assessment and packaging of goods;Execution of required documents, and so on.Meest China delivers shipments directly to recipients in 20 countries across Europe and the world. They have their own network of last mile delivery capabilities to addresses or pick-up places, as well as networks of their partners such as postal service and courier rapid delivery. They are the top integrator of E-Commerce items delivery and business growth in the European and global markets!They also transport merchandise from China to Ukraine with the requirement of customs clearance. They may provide any type of overseas delivery, including AIR, TRAIN, and SAIL.Meest China has over 15 years of delivery experience from China and is eager to collaborate and create mutual business with its clients. What is forbidden items to delivery ?In general, any item that poses a risk to general safety can't be send via the postal network. Below we have provided a list of examples. For the most recent and up-to-date overview you can visit the website of IATA. This is the International Air Transport Association which provides the Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR).Via the postal network you cannot send: Explosives e.g. munition or fireworks, Compressed gasses e.g. deodorant, Flammable liquids e.g. petrol, cleaning detergents or perfume, Flammable solids e.g. matches or incense, Oxidizing substances e.g. bleach or glue, Toxic substances e.g. pesticides or parasites, Radioactive substances, Aggressive substances e.g. cleaning liquids or battery fluids, Other dangerous goods e.g. magnets or loose lithium batteries, Tobacco or other excise duty goods, Any item that is forbidden by (local) law e.g. narcotics or weapons, Counterfeit items or any items what violate intellectual property rights (IPR)

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