NZ Post has a long and illustrious history dating back over 170 years. From the early 1830s, when whalers, missionaries, and traders had to rely on passing ships, to its current status as a viable commercial enterprise competing in both local and worldwide markets. With almost 1,700 branches, the New Zealand Post Office entered the twentieth century as a booming government institution. The Post Office's rapid expansion continued throughout the century, solidifying its place in New Zealand society as a post office, savings bank, and telephone exchange. The expansion of private telephones in people's homes, as well as the introduction of internal and international airmail services in the 1930s, which enabled faster, more efficient mail services, secured the company's survival. The New Zealand Post Group is made up of several companies that provide communication and business solutions. NZ Post Group is a vibrant and evolving corporation, from its core mail sector to banking and digital products. NZ Post – Tukurau Aotearoa is a delivery and eCommerce logistics company based in New Zealand. The process and distribution of things of New Zealand and foreign origins, such as parcels, packages, and letters, fulfill the needs of both sending and receiving consumers. They provide logistical services to businesses, including many who engage in e-commerce with consumers, as well as other firms in the United States and around the world. NZ Post is committed to providing accessible postal services to New Zealand communities through statewide outlets, having delivered slightly under 600 million goods to about 1.98 million delivery points in the year ending June 2017. This includes things like sending packages and purchasing postage. With a 53 percent stake in Kiwi Group Holdings, NZ Post is a shareholder. The New Zealand Super Fund. owns a quarter of the company, as does the Accident Compensation Corporation. owns 22% of the company. From personal loans and bank accounts to credit cards, business banking, international banking, wealth management, and insurance, Kiwibank offers a full range of financial services.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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