Nexive is a private firm in Italy that runs and maintains courier and postal correspondence delivery services. It is regarded as the country's first private postal service corporation. The company was created in the city of Milan in 1998. TNT, the well-known transport firm, is in responsible of its establishment. Nexive shippings are nationally acknowledged for their efficiency and dependability among a wide range of services.Currently, the corporation employs over 7000 people and operates over 1000 post offices across the country. Nexive can handle the demand for postal mail services by covering 80 percent of the country thanks to its impressive postal logistics network.Its headquarters are in Milan, and it was formed by the merger of many firms from the same labor sector, such as TNT and a historical national enterprise known as Rinaldi L'Espresso.Because of its shipping and parcel delivery logistics in Italy, Nexive is regarded as one of the greatest postal firms. In 2014, the company embarks on a new chapter in its history by entering the realm of e-business. TNT logistical support allows the organization to begin contributing to the logistics of shipping and delivering parcels or products purchased via e-commerce and shops.Where can I get my Nexive tracking number?Similarly, the Nexive tracking number can only be obtained by e-mail messages when all of the associated delivery procedures have been completed. Customers can contact customer support if they have lost their tracking number or are having difficulty acquiring it.How do I track my Nexive package?On the Internet, you may find the official Nexive website. Customers can utilize the Nexive tracking service to follow and locate the parcels or postal communication they have sent, as well as all the things they have ordered through e-business.This service is provided via a virtual tracking and tracing system, in which users must enter the Nexive tracking number in order to appropriately monitor and follow the packages. Customers can also use the Nexive package tracking service via the company's mobile application, which can only be downloaded from the official Nexive website.Are Nexive parcels safe to ship?One of Nexive's most important commitments is to protect its clients' shipments and postal orders. As a result, it has created logistics tools and procedures over the years to ensure the integrity of its clients' goods. It has also created cutting-edge procedures and systems to safeguard client data during the shipping and delivery process. The tracking number is electronically recorded on the parcels to secure client data and make it easier to locate the package.

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