NinjaVan is a last-mile delivery service that is both dependable and creative. NinjaVan focuses on e-commerce and offers businesses new technology-based solutions to help them optimize their logistics and meet their business objectives. Ninja Van is Southeast Asia's fastest-growing last-mile transportation startup, having debuted in 2014. Ninja Van is dedicated about breaking logistical bottlenecks in Southeast Asia, and they strive to provide businesses of all sizes with creative and scalable logistics solutions.Status of NinjaVan Deliveries:Staging - This refers to the fact that the shipper/seller has not yet verified the pickup bookings from their end. Ninjavan Drivers will pick it up once they confirm it.Pending Pickup - This indicates that the seller has agreed to deliver it to Ninjavan by a specific date.Order has been dispatched to a vehicle on its way to be picked up.Order is on its way to the Sorting Hub - The order has been picked up and is on its way to the Sorting Hub.Arrived at Sorting Hub - Your order has arrived at the Sorting Hub and has been successfully processed.On Delivery Vehicle - The order is in the van and on its way to the customer.Completed - The delivery has been completed successfully.Pending Reschedule - The order has been rescheduled after the delivery failed. Please reschedule your order for the next attempt at delivery.Pickup failed - The pickup failed, and the Order will be rescheduled.Cancelled - This order has been terminated.Arrived at Distribution Point - The parcel has been delivered to the Distribution Point and will be picked up by the customer.Pending Pickup at Distribution Point - The seller has dropped off the parcel at the Distribution Point for Ninjavan to pick up.Transfer to 3PL (3rd party logistic) - This is a cross-border item that has been turned over to 3PL.Returned to Sender - Because the delivery of the order has failed several times, it has been returned to the sender.

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