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Ontime Courier GmbH has specialized in the dispatch of national and international Overnight and Express Shipments since its founding in 1995, developing a specific core competence in the Life Science (Medical/Pharma) sector. As a result, they have more than 20 years of expertise developing and implementing customized, high-quality Express Shipping and Transport solutions, making their company, among other things, the world's leading stem cell courier. Thousands of samples, objects, documents, and deliveries are transported efficiently and on time every week. SLS Group GmbH, situated in Kelsterbach near Frankfurt, is a global organization of medium-sized logistics firms, each of which is one of the leading suppliers in their respective sectors in their core areas. Ontime Courier GmbH is part of the SLS Group GmbH.At its headquarters in Munich, ONTIME COURIER employs over 50 people and operates a global shipping logistics system that spans over 190 countries. They are an ideal partner for any significant, time-sensitive shipment because their reliability rate is much above the industry norm. We concentrate our efforts on our core competencies and the benefit of our customers. Embracing their clients' interests, acting with commitment, accepting personal responsibility, and aggressively pursuing the best solutions are all part of their goal.In London, Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, we leverage independent express line networks and exclusive agencies in addition to their own infrastructure and stations. On Time Courier also have links with over 170 partners around the world.Their standard package contains more features than other express service providers. Customers can also take use of their knowledge and experience in picking the most appropriate and dependable shipping partner. This decision is based on customer needs, as well as the contents and size of the package, the destination, and any additional services you desire. As a result, they can promise customers the quickest transit times on the market as well as an above-average reliability rate.

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