ONE is both their name and their mission. They will face every obstacle as ONE, alongside their customers and partners, to develop and give optimal solutions. And, by working together as ONE with the rest of the world, they will continue to bring countries and regions closer together through their actions. They are driven by their unwavering belief in the power of ONE. They combine and improve multiple ways of thinking, cultures, and abilities to create a new way of moving the world forward. The future of container shipping is ripe for exploration, and they're eager to get started. Services: Container Specifications • DRY - A dry container is used for general cargo. General cargo should not be too long, too wide, too tall, too heavy, or too bulky. Steel is used to build containers because it is durable and easy to repair. 45-foot containers aren't always accessible in all of ONE's trades. • REEFER - This type of container can keep frozen, chilled, or warm cargo at a constant temperature. A refrigeration unit is installed atop the container's nose, with electricity supplied by a motor-generator (when the container is on wheels), a terminal (when the container is grounded in a yard), or the ship (when laden on board). • FLAT RACK - Flat racks are best for large load, over-height, and/or over-width cargo stowage. End frames on flat racks can be collapsed. Lashing rings are accessible on the bottom side rails, corner posts, and floor to secure freight with straps or chains. • OPEN TOP - An open top has no solid roof; instead, it has a removable, waterproof tarpaulin that can be secured with ropes. The metal beam above the entrance can be disassembled and opened to the right or left. The inside base of the container has lashing rings that are used to secure and prevent cargo from shifting during transit. This container is ideal for freight that is over height and/or long. ONE IS A GLOBAL REFRIGERATED CARRIER - ONE is the result of the merger of three major Japanese shipping corporations, MOL, NYK, and 'K-Line. The merger allowed ONE to inherit the three liners' strong market presence in major reefer markets such as North and South Americas, South Africa, Europe, the Mediterranean, Intra-Asia, and Oceania, and the integration allowed ONE to inherit the three liners' strong market presence in major reefer markets such as North and South Americas, Europe, the Mediterranean, Intra-Asia, and Oceania. DANGEROUS GOODS - Items that are often used in everyday life can be regarded as dangerous during sea transportation. Propane gas lighters, regular wall paint, fireworks, whiskey, yard weed-killers, and other items are included in the following list. Transportation of these items is subject to a variety of limitations, therefore they must be handled with caution to ensure their safety on the sea and land. ONE SPECIAL CARGO - Their brand name, ONE, shows their integrity as three premier marine transportation firms collaborating to make a difference in the ocean freight sector. They have a long history and extensive experience managing a wide range of unusual cargo. Whether you need to transport automobiles, yachts, small planes, oversized machinery, massive industrial components, or construction equipment, ONE has the proper people and experience.

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