Orange Distribution Solutions, Inc. (OrangeDS) is a prominent provider of Ecommerce Parcels, Business Mail Distribution, Global Fulfillment, Global Ecommerce Import Services, and Logistics Solutions. It is based in New Jersey. New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, and India are all ideal locations for their distribution centers. Their global distribution network reaches more than 220 nations and territories. Expeditor is how Orange Distribution Solutions, Inc. (OrangeDS) is categorized. They do not store or consolidate shipments. They arrange for your shipment to be picked up from your location and then transported to one of three U.S. distribution sites. When your material arrives at their plant, they process it the same day for shipment the next day. To help with last-mile delivery, they've formed work-share arrangements with the US and international postal authorities and agents. Services: International - Ship to billions of consumers on the other side of the world. Every day, they ship significant volumes of International Parcels all over the world. With OrangeDS, you may reach new heights and discover new cross-border opportunities. For more than 150 countries, en-route tracking is accessible. DDP offers monitored services in more than 60 countries. Direct injection is offered in a few countries. There are no further charges. • Parcels from around the world - Be a part of the international trade boom with OrangeDS as globalization continues to evolve. Do you send cross-border packages regularly? Are you seeking a shipping option that is both secure and cost-effective? For you, they have the correct answers. They save you money by delivering your packages on time and in a secure manner. Their dependable en-route tracking ensures that goods arrive on time all across the world. • Business Mail from Around the World - Within 24 hours of processing, global business mail gets admitted into destination countries. Personalized business letters can help you connect with your consumers. Across the globe, they mail significant numbers of letters from financial institutions and direct marketing companies. Personalize discounts and business offers to make clients happy. They'll make sure your offers and direct marketing materials go to your customers as quickly as possible. • Publishing on a global scale - Their global distribution network allows you to ship your publications, journals, and newsletters at a low cost. There are numerous stories to be read all across the world, and OrangeDS has extensive expertise in developing and distributing periodicals, journals, and other reading materials to international audiences. They are ready to convey your experiences and ideas with a trustworthy service at a low cost. U.S. Domestic - Ecommerce shippers can use OrangeDS U.S. Domestic Services to ship to any address in the United States. States and the United States of America Territories that offer customizable pickup times, en-route tracking, and several degrees of travel times, as well as Saturday delivery at no extra charge. There's a way to track your progress while you're on the road. USPS Door Delivery is a service provided by the United States Postal Service. Zone skipping is possible. There are no further charges. • Domestic Parcel Select in the United States - Ship eCommerce packages all across the country. With OrangeDS Parcel Select, you can send medium or big e-commerce parcels. Suitable for heavier consumer devices like laptops, desktops, and digital cameras, as well as sporting goods, wellness products, and fashion items like shoes and clothing. • U.S. Lightweight Domestic Parcels - For light-weight eCommerce shipments, zone-free options are available. For packages weighing less than a pound. Ship e-commerce parcels weighing less than a pound with OrangeDS Light Weight Parcels. Electronic accessories, smartphones, headphones, wearables, cosmetics, health & wellness products, and fashion items such as shoes and clothing are all suitable. Sell on a global scale. Import to the United States of America - Their Global Ecommerce Import Service enables international shippers to bring items into the United States from all over the world. They will handle the entire process from your designated collection location(s) outside of the United States, including arranging air transportation and customs clearance if necessary. Import into one of the following airports: JFK, ORD, or LAX. Import Service with Tracking USPS is in charge of final mail delivery. • Cross-Border Ecommerce - this is a term that refers to the sale of goods across with their cross-border e-commerce solutions, you can take your business beyond national borders. With aggressive international shipping costs, you may send to over 220 countries.

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