Poland Post was established in 1558 as the country's state mail administration. It is the country's largest mail-handling corporation, as well as a provider of the courier, banking, insurance, and logistical services. The Internet-based platform 'Envelo' provides digital services such as neo-stamps, neo-letters, and neo-postcards. Capital Group Poczta Polska (Post Bank) and Pocztowe Towarzystwo Ubezpiecze Wzajemnych are the two major subsidiary enterprises (Postal Mutual Insurance Association). Polish Post is solely owned and controlled by the Polish State Treasury, which reports to the Minister of Administration and Digitization.Polish Post is a 455-year-old firm that is the largest operator in the domestic market, with over 7,500 shops, branches, and agencies providing postal services to individuals and businesses. Aware of the responsibility that comes with being one of the country's largest employers, they engage in CSR activities and strive to improve their entire group's efficiency. Their focus is on bolstering the most promising areas, such as parcels, financial services, insurance, and logistics, as well as increasing their digital service offering. Mail Poland is a global company that sends mail to even the most remote parts of the globe on a daily basis. Polish Post delivers letters, goods, and couriers on schedule and to the correct address. For your convenience, each of these services offers a variety of add-on services that make shipping and delivery planning easier, such as supplementary insurance or optional online tracking.

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