Pos Indonesia is Indonesia's national postal service provider, which was established in 1995. Pos's network, which is headquartered in Bandung, spans over 17,000 islands and carries goods through train, bus, airplane, and ship for quick delivery. Pos Indonesia has about 58,000 sales points and 4,800 post offices, according to data. Products such as Pos Express, Ordinary Post, Parcel Post, Overnight Delivery, and Express Mail Service are available under postal services (EMS).The first post office was established in Batavia (now Jakarta) on August 26, 1746, by Governor-General Baron van Imhoff GW with the goal of ensuring the safety of residents of the letters, especially for those who are trading from offices outside Java, and for those who come from and go to the Netherlands. Since then, the postal service has emerged to fill the role and function of government services.Pos Indonesia has been able to demonstrate its creativity in the field of postal Indonesian development by utilizing its network infrastructure, which now reaches about 24 thousand point services, covering 100% of city/county, nearly 100% of districts, 42% of urban/rural, and 940 remote locations in the Indonesian transmigration. Networking Pos Indonesia already has 3,700 post office lines, mobile and equipped electronic post in a few large cities, thanks to the development of information, communication, and technology. In a solid and integrated manner, all points are chain connected to one another.

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