Qxpress is an e-commerce logistics solution provider with a wide range of services ranging from warehouse to last-mile delivery, with a focus on proactive and constructive support in rapidly changing business environments in order to maximize their customers' competitiveness. In addition, Qxpress is focusing on worldwide network business investment for customer value generation. Qxpress has created a logistics system and expanded worldwide networks in key East Asian markets, including Singapore, to become the industry leader in e-commerce logistics solutions. This has been accomplished via aggressive investment in facilities and expertise. Furthermore, from its inception, Qxpress has gathered expertise and knowledge by providing logistics services to Pan Asian e-commerce marketplaces and has contributed to the creation of customer value as a Good Partner with Good Service and Good People. QXPRESS Inc has begun logistic services for overseas deliveries outside of Singapore, Japan, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia, based on a relationship with IPO. The QXPRESS Korea branch, which serves Japan, has Busan as its second domestic hub port. Furthermore, the IT platform R&D center and Qtrading operation unit are based in Seoul, Korea, indicating that the Korea branch is essential in all commercial domains. QXPRESS USA Inc, with offices in New Jersey and Los Angeles, is in charge of the entire United States logistics business and operations. The US Branch will provide a competitive service for E-commerce cargo delivery based on the distribution platform, and it will steadily expand its logistics operation. Qxpress offers a wide range of integrated logistics services to help E-commerce sellers develop their core strengths and maintain competitiveness through high-quality shipping. In addition, Qxpress has hub centers in important South-East Asian countries such as Singapore, Korea, and Japan to provide our customers with optimum QFS (Qxpress Fulfillment Service). Qxpress is also able to deliver superior shipping service performance thanks to the warehouse operation management agency. Based on the collected expertise in Qoo10 international shipping service, global e-commerce logistics firm Qxpress is providing an overall logistics method from warehouse storage, pick and pack management, delivery, inventory management, and customer service in a One Stop Service. Furthermore, Qxpress has built a solid platform on which to optimize the competitiveness of E-commerce items in terms of service.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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