The forerunner of RETS International Logistics Company, which was founded in 1996, is a complex that focuses on cross-border e-commerce between China and Russia. Logistics service business, a multi-business conglomerate that offers one-stop e-commerce logistics services to customers across Russia. The group company has witnessed the development process of Sino-Russian cross-border logistics and has continuously improved its strength with a good ability to respond to emergencies, becoming a full-process solution for Sino-Russian trade logistics senior company, through several times of Russian financial crisis, customs policy adjustment, and Sino-Russian logistics turmoil.Russia Express's flagship product is the ETS commercial express. According to the price system, express products are divided into two categories: "express large package" and "express small package." ETS provides express and delivery services to corporate and individual customers through a transportation network that covers more than 13,000 locations (major cities) across Russia. ETS Express can handle documents and shipments, as well as time-sensitive deliveries and customer service.Advantages of the product:1. Fast delivery, with delivery taking only 7-15 working days across Russia.2. Full visible real-time tracking with high security.3. Major logistics providers, cross-border e-commerce vendors, and consumers have all noticed the high level of awareness.4. It is possible to return it, and services such as reverse return are available.5. It has no limits and can handle all types and weights of commodities. For electronic products and cosmetics, it is the best and most secure logistical method.Limitations on product volume:length, width, and height on three sides, plus 160cm0-3KG Russia Express small package3kg-25KG Russia Express large packageItems that are not permitted:1. Dangerous products: Due to the physical and chemical qualities of the goods, it has been determined that they will constitute a risk to personal safety while being transported. Acidic substances, biochemical products, hazardous compounds, narcotics, fertilizers, fuel, liquids, paints, radioactive biomass, and other substances fall under this category.2. Items with high transportation risks: While the items' physical and chemical qualities do not constitute a hazard to personal safety during transportation, the expedited delivery method will expose the commodities to risks such as loss, damage, and damage to the consignor or carrier. Blank invoices, cash, jewels, jewelry, stamps, stock securities, and other items were lost in large quantities.3. Pornographic goods and weapons are among the objects prohibited by the state order from being transported.

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