The RINCOS business began in 2015 as a domestic operation. RINCOS logistic service is being used by over 1,600 customers, and the company has built up a global network and eCommerce comprehensive logistic company with around 100 customers. RINCOS offers a tailored eCommerce CBT logistic service based on a wide range of client experiences. Based on a global network, RINCOS also provides global cargo logistic solutions, international CBT transportation, eCommerce linked fulfillments service, IT solution, and other services. RINCOS is working hard to ensure client satisfaction and to develop the new solution to its full potential. 2015: RINCOS is founded, the RINCOS Total Delivery System is launched, Malaysia's door-to-door service is launched, and the Philippines' door-to-door service is launched. 2016 - Launch of USA B2C service solution, USA FedEx Smart Post business alliance, ID PT Citra Van TikipanKilat Transportation partnership, conversion to RINCOS CO., LTD, and development of TH B2C custom solution 2017 saw the debut of the USA Door to Door Service, the development of a Philippines B2C bespoke solution, the launch of the Philippines Door to Door Service, the opening of the RINCOS Singapore and Hong Kong branches, and the launch of the US – MY Direct Service. 2018 - Russia Door to Door Service, Taiwan Door to Door Service, Australia Door to Door Service, US – SG Direct Service launching, Korea Company Data awarded "Technical Competency Excellent Company Certification," M&A with JP ocean express company, RINCOS Busan & RINCOS Japan branch opened, iHerb MY service contracted, Samsung SDS overseas export/import transportation service contracted. 2019: KR fulfillment service center opens, Gmarket (eBay) aggregator service is contracted, KR fulfillment service center grand opening (current warehouse), and ICN - HKG ocean express service solution is built. 2020: Amazon "SPN / JP Service Provider Network" registration, ICN -TPE ocean express service solution development, eBay CBT total delivery service "eGS" launch, EU integrated express service launch, Amazon "SPN / EU Service Provider Network" registration, and Gmarket total logistic service "Aggregator Gmarket Global Shipping" launch. eGS integrated website launches in 2021, Shopee FL service provider, Registered international freight forwarder, Registered international freight forwarding firm, and express service provider.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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