RPX, Lenton Group's dedicated eCommerce Logistics branch, has a well-established delivery network spanning Europe and Asia, which is backed up by strategic partners La Poste and Japan Post. Their e-commerce services offer domestic and international parcel pick-up, delivery, and return services to business customers, including online merchants, e-marketplaces, and other eCommerce logistics market participants. Their ezCommerce services are divided into two categories: ezDistribution, which handles international shipping, and ezWarehousing, which handles warehousing and fulfillment.RPX can offer a superior selection of delivery alternatives with all the extras: additional speed, extra flexibility, extra customer services, extra added value, and extra special handling because of their unrivaled access to their network and those of their airline partners. Their ezWorld solution, which is based on a strategic partnership with postal service operators, provides a comprehensive range of cross-border shipping services to over 190 countries.They also offer ez(Country) solutions to fulfill the various shipping needs of its eCommerce customers. These are specialty lanes that combine postal and commercial clearance with last-mile delivery services in the receiving country, with varying possibilities for gateway cities, routings, or direct injection. Two of their ez(Country) services are ezChina and ezJapan, which offer convenient and cost-effective ways for consumers to transport their overseas eCommerce parcels into China and Japan, respectively. Through our integrated platform, all of these services enable full track-and-trace functionality.The needs of the eCommerce market are constantly changing, and warehousing solutions play a critical part in their customers' supply chains. In addition to their extensive network and skills, they have companies dedicated to providing a wide range of warehouse services (i.e. pick and pack, storage, labeling, etc). Customers can quickly and transparently access their stocks and follow order movements with their Warehouse Management System (WMS), allowing them to keep track of their service level. Linking their ezWarehousing and ezDistribution services provides an effective one-stop-shop solution to improve your logistics processes and save time and money, allowing their customers to maximize their business returns.Online buyers nowadays have high expectations for the post-sale services provided by online retailers, including simple and easy returns. Whether returning things for resale or accomplishing other eCommerce goals, their Reverse Logistics Service solution helps customers improve their service offerings. RPX's ezDistribution Services provides this managed return service solution.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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