Saudi Post, which was founded in 1926 and is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, is a governmental organization. Saudi Post offers a wide range of logistical and postal services, and they've been working on a big plan to build a multi-network system, create a single national address system, and offer a bundle of personally tailored postal services based on those logistics. They produce e-government transactions and promote e-commerce exchanges by partnering with public and private sector institutions to enable e-government programs and e-commerce applications.To stay up with advances in the postal market and industry, Saudi Postal Corporation based its operations on current strategies and sophisticated postal services. Finding fresh concepts for this crucial sector is the cornerstone for establishing a strong and constant link between citizens, the post, and modern couriers. Through the unending ideas of its sons, as well as their ardent ambition and dedication to their blessed profession, Saudi Postal Corporation is currently focusing on providing postal services in compliance with worldwide standards. Their goal is to serve this institution and its consumers, based on a development philosophy that is guided by the underlying human element, which is the most important aspect of the entire postal process and the one that public clients perceive first.Items that are not permittedMaterials that are toxic or infectiousPesticides, agricultural chemicals, mercury compounds, bacteria, and viruses are all examples of contaminants.Liquids that are flammableLighters that burn gasoline, fuel lighters, oil paint, adhesive, flammable scent,Almellh batteries, mercury, and hydrochloric acid are all examples of liquid incendiary material.Radioactive and flammableInternationally banned flammable and radioactive materials, matches, coal, firewood, and all sorts of radioactive materials.Gases that have been compressedCompressed gases, gas cylinders, cylinder mobilization, butane lighters (butane lighters), bottles diving, camping gas, butane gas, sprinklersExplosivesFireworks, firecrackers, ammo, gunpowder, lighting missiles, and missile warnings are all examples of explosives.Materials that oxidizeBleaching powders, peroxides, and oxidizing chemicals.Other IngredientsNational non-registered or re-exported (subsidized products), children's milk, historical monuments and antiquities, human medicine makers, and national non-registered or re-exported (subsidized goods),Various hazardous materialsEngines, solid carbon dioxide, and lithium batteries are all examples of magnetic commodities.

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