Sendle is a certified B Corporation and Australia's first carbon-neutral delivery service, collaborating with the South Pole. They foresee a world where small enterprises can compete with the big boys on an equal footing. Sendle is the first carbon-neutral shipping service in Australia. That means they get your things to their destination while also being environmentally conscious. As a B Corporation, they seek to be a positive force in the world. They are concerned about how business is conducted. They also assist small businesses throughout the world to prosper.Sendle, which was founded in 2014, has always focused on the development of small enterprises. They can offer their customers the greatest costs by accessing networks and quantities that are often only available to the big boys. Because it is their customers who keep them afloat. They are essential to their survival. They are the heart of the Australian economy, with their innovative, enterprising, and hardworking spirit. They also devote a significant amount of time to listening to them. They're more than just a shipping firm. They are innovators. They create things that matter and truly make a difference for their customers and the world through excellent technology, design, and people. They take care of their customers and the environment.How does Sendle work in Australia?They tap into large-scale distribution networks and make them available to the whole Australian population. It's simple, affordable, and completely carbon-free. Simply place an order for delivery and they'll handle the rest. Find out more about them.Make a reservation over the internet - The Sendle dashboard handles everything from making an order to tracking and controlling your package. Simply schedule your package for pickup or delivery, use your packaging, then print and attach the mailing label.Guidelines for parcels - You get to choose your packaging using Sendle. While there are some parcel rules (such as making sure it's strong, not branded with other shipping carriers' logos, and not transparent), you have complete discretion. Simply remember the motto: "properly packed, arrive undamaged."Pick-up and drop-off - You have the option of having your parcels picked up from your home or dropping them off at one of their national network locations around Australia. They'll get it to its destination.Tracking - The Sendle dashboard makes tracking your packages a breeze. All parcel communication is centralized, and they notify you anytime a package delivery update is available - making it easy to communicate with your consumers.Carbon neutrality is guaranteed - They'll offset the carbon emissions created by package transportation and invest in positive environmental initiatives for every parcel you send with them.Accounts and strategies - Your Sendle account type is determined by the number of parcels you send each month (this is not a membership). They have three different rates: standard, premium, and pro, which are determined by how many parcels you send each month.Where in Australia do they ship? - With their national low-rate network for domestic parcels spanning all states and territories, they've got you covered. They may also ship your packages anywhere in the world.Courier Parcel Costs - They provide inexpensive delivery rates with no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises - you simply pay for the items you send. The cost of your shipment is determined by the size and weight of your package, as well as the destination. So, once you've determined the ideal size for your package, you won't have to weigh and measure it every time.Cover for Sendle - Sendle provides free insurance against loss or damage for all qualified packages! They'll pay up to AU$100 for Standard and Premium accounts, and up to AU$300 for Pro accounts, for the cost of replacing lost or damaged products. Extra Cover can be purchased for added security.Billing - All Sendle payments are charged to your chosen credit card (which you'll submit during account setup). You will only be charged for orders that you have already booked; this is not a membership or subscription.Integrations with platforms - They interface seamlessly with leaders and their Sendle partners in ecommerce, including as eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, ShipStation, and more, in order to make sending large volumes of goods as simple as possible for your business.

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