The public company Post of Serbia has always been one of Serbia's most important business systems, not only because it has the country's largest infrastructure and logistics network, which covers the entire country, but also because of the quality and availability of the corporate and social responsibilities it expresses at all times. Every day, the approximately 15,000 employees of JP Pota Srbije demonstrate that they are a leader in the field of postal traffic and services and that they are a credible and successful business system capable of implementing in practice the most demanding projects in all logistics and financial services, as well as that they are always ready to learn and adopt new knowledge, skills, and competencies, through their work and dedication, responsibility, and readiness for constant education and adoption of new knowledge, skills, and competencies.Serbian Post is a powerful, technologically equipped, and networked system capable of reacting quickly, efficiently, and effectively to all changes in the market for all types of postal services and financial transactions, while always focusing on the specific needs of its users, whether they are individuals, citizens, large economic systems, or the needs of the state and its organs. Serbia Post Vision is a socially responsible company that serves citizens, the economy, and the state cost-effectively by delivering high-quality postal, financial, information, and integrated services. PE Serbia Post began operations in 1990. As a business the responsibility of PE Serbia Post services, with state-owned labor instruments, following the Communications Law. Our company was structured as a holding – a group of companies comprised of PE Serbia Post and its spin-off subsidiaries – in May 1997, as a result of amendments to the Law on Communication Systems. PE Serbia Post is the holding company's parental company. PE Serbia Post founded a telecommunications subsidiary, Company for telecommunications "Telekom Srbija" A.D., in the same year. PE Serbia Post is one of the founders and shareholders, i.e. stakeholders in Company for telecommunications "Telekom Srbija" A.D., Postal Savings Bank a.d., and Company for telecommunications "Telekom Srbija" A.D a, and in collaboration with them, identifies its primary business purpose as improving the quality of services provided to end consumers. PE Serbia Post's share capital in its subsidiaries.

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