SEUR, a 75-year-old pioneer in urgent transport, is the sector's leader in Spain, with three main business axes: international, online, and B2B business, catering to businesses of all sizes and sectors. SEUR's 8,100 staff service over 1,200,000 clients with a fleet of 4,700 vehicles, including environmentally-friendly vehicles, and over 2,300 local retailers. It has developed solutions that improve the customer experience, such as Predict, an interactive system for arranging the delivery, and Now, for ultra urgent deliveries in one or two hours, as part of its ongoing commitment to innovation. It distributes internationally as part of DPDgroup, one of the major international express delivery networks, which includes the DPD, Chronopost, and SEUR brands. They seek to provide a unique experience to their clients every day as a result of this integration, based on a thorough understanding of their needs and the development of strong relationships with all of them. They strive to give you the finest package shipping experience possible, one that is simple, flexible, and convenient. They want to keep inventing to assist their clients to succeed. More than anything else, how we treat their clients sets us apart from the competition. International transport - SEUR's provides door-to-door worldwide distribution services via road, Classic, and Net Express. Your deliveries will arrive safely and on schedule thanks to SEUR's improved fleet. • SEUR Classic - For package deliveries weighing up to 31.5 kg, SEUR provides a daily road service. And the quickest shipping. • SEUR Courier - is a fast international air service for sending documents and packages weighing up to 31 kg each. Guaranteed delivery times • SEUR Net Express - They can handle all of your needs for sending multiple packages starting at 5 kg. Up to 2.5 tons of weight can be transported to any part of Europe. Guaranteed delivery times. • SEUR Cargo Plus - This worldwide door-to-door service allows items to be shipped to Europe with a minimum weight of 200 kg and to the rest of the globe with a minimum weight of 70 kg. This is the most efficient and secure way to deliver huge amounts of merchandise to any airport. Logistics - A single point of contact for the whole supply chain, with a comprehensive logistics and transportation solution. A competent team to offer guidance and assist in the growth of your business. France's first operator and Europe's first road transport operator. Their customs depots can import and manage your merchandise from third countries. Their radio transmission data terminals help them manage inventory and execute orders on time. Courier - An emergency motorcycle and car are available for daily or occasional deliveries on particular days and hours. All office needs are met by administrative couriers. Immediate service: for shipments that must be delivered immediately to any location on the Spanish mainland. Exclusive couriers: drivers and cars dedicated just to your business to transport your shipments and run errands.

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