Senhong International Logistical specializes in logistics lines in Southeast Asia. Taiwan's special line, Hong Kong's special line, Indonesia's special line, Singapore's special line, Malay's special line, Thailand's special line, Vietnam's special line, and other Southeast Asian countries and regions are among their primary lines.Shenzhen Senhong International Logistics Group Co., Ltd. is a cross-border e-commerce logistics service platform. It was created in 2010. (the predecessor Feiyahong was established in 2005). Logistics alliance organizations, overseas high-quality resources, and major foreign trade e-commerce platforms propose "branding, standardization, and informatization" technology logistics management, and tailor-made for cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade e-commerce are more convenient, low-cost, and highly professional, An all-round one-stop integrated logistics solution, providing customers with high-quality and efficient service experience, and assisting customers to be wowed.Senhong International Logistics is committed to a culture of professionalism, devotion, and refinement, as well as a company philosophy of integrity and morality. It uses cutting-edge technology and equipment, closely monitors product quality, and strives for 100 percent customer satisfaction. The company has carried out extensive cooperation and exchanges, realized the network development of domestic and foreign companies, highly localized overseas teams, built its own customs clearance team, and integrated local first-class customs clearance banks, relying on the advantages of cultivating in Southeast Asia for ten years. Senhong International Logistics is actively expanding its service system, strengthening the management of the quality system and market access system, and can provide customized logistics, packaging, and customs clearance, as well as an overseas warehouse and one-stop service, to provide customers with a more comprehensive, convenient, and satisfactory services. Dropshipping and other firms have combined to establish a comprehensive industry-wide solution.For the past ten years, the company has created local branches and self-operated outlets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia, relying on the benefits of deep cultivation in Southeast Asia. Established close ties with Heimao, Hsinchu, JNE, and VT, earned the title of a general agent in China and achieved the growth of both local and international businesses. Customs clearance benefits include a self-built professional customs clearance team and the integration of local first-class customs clearance banks. Self-built, encrypted logistics system with standardized warehouse and transportation operations.Senhong International Logistics focuses on the development concept of industry-leading, high quality and efficiency, and customer first, and offers VIP customers customized services such as one-piece delivery, packaging, forwarding, overseas and local document review, door-to-door pickup, customized routes, customs clearance, and integrated professional logistics solutions such as multiple deliveries and overseas warehouses.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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