Slovenská pošta, a. s., a leading domestic provider of modern communication, distribution, and payment services, has created logistical conditions for doing business in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a dependable intermediate that meets changing client needs while also providing new high-value, high-quality products, and sophisticated solutions. Slovenská poštahas had its headquarters in Banská Bystrica since March 1, 1996. Slovenská poštahas been financially self-sufficient from its inception, receiving no subsidies from the state budget. Slovenská poštahas a network of almost 1 500 post offices where it provides its services. Its business strategy is to achieve complete competitiveness and financial independence. In every era of human history, messaging has played a vital part in communication. The postal service has evolved from a haphazard method of carrying messages to an industry that is now an essential component of a functional society. The Roman Empire developed truly organized postal by establishing a network of regularly distributed post offices. On our land, the first mentions of diplomatic messengers date from the time of Great Moravia. Hungary joined the Universal Postal Union as a founding member in 1874. The postal service followed the same modernization tendencies as the rest of society in the nineteenth century. Mailboxes became more widely utilized, a telegraph and telephone system was constructed, and the first postage stamps were placed on mail. Postal mail began to be conveyed by train and, later, by plane in the first half of the twentieth century. The Czechoslovak Postal Administration operated the post office in our territory after 1918, while the Slovak Postal Administration managed it during the Slovak Republic (1939-1945). Slovenská pošta, which evolved from the originally united state firm Správa pot a telekomunikikace, is also tied to the creation of the Slovak Republic on January 1, 1993. It was founded by the Slovak Republic's Ministry of Transport, Posts, and Telecommunications. Slovenská pošta began actively cooperating with foreign postal businesses and the intergovernmental body of the Universal Postal Union shortly after, in March 1993. Slovenská pošta was converted from a state-owned firm to a joint-stock corporation on October 1, 2004.

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