Spain Post is a state-owned corporation that provides postal services in Spain, and it also has responsibility for mail services in Andorra due to bilateral agreements with the French company La Poste. Through the State Society for Industrial Participations, the corporation is 100 percent controlled by the government (SEPI). Correos is one of the world's largest postal systems, with over 53,000 employees and 5.4 billion pieces of mail sent each year. It is headquartered in Madrid and operates over 10,000 post offices throughout the country.The company was formed on July 8, 1716, by Philip V, Juan Tomas de Goyeneche, who was appointed by the Chief Superintendent and General Administrator of the Posts Offices to serve the Spanish country. Correos de Espaa has made a substantial contribution to the advancement of the postal service in Spain since that time. Many modifications have occurred, such as the rationalization charges following P.O. It was decided to set up mail boxes and newspaper delivery services.In 2016, the firm celebrated its 300th year in business, making it one of the world's oldest postal services. It currently offers a variety of services in order to achieve its goal of a progressive future. Urgent shipments, parcel delivery, door-to-door services, and local and international shipping are all available through the organization. It also adheres to a tight security policy in the packages it manages. Customers receive a locator mail with instructions on how to monitor their delivery. They can also send a follow-up email to make sure the item is delivered to the correct address.Correos de Espaa now uses an online system to provide other major services such as a mobile app and a convenient mode of payment, thanks to technological advancements. In keeping with this, it also provides banking services that allow users to send and receive money instantly. It launched its Virtual Post Office in 2003 to make its services more accessible to the general public.

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