Speedaf was founded in the year 2019. We are a joint-venture company backed by China's top express companies. They've been expanding their global network, developing and optimizing products, improving customer experience, and introducing IT technologies and equipment to automate processes since its inception. They are now constructing a local and cross-border service network to serve air, sea, and road transportation to become the leading diversified integrated logistics solution provider between China and emerging markets. As a result, end-to-end logistics expenses between China and emerging countries will be reduced, while their customers will benefit from solid and well-known logistics services.Speedaf is a localization company that believes in creating opportunities and possibilities in any location where they do business. They collaborate with local teams and are aware of the needs of their clients. They offer a variety of goods and value-added services to cover diverse commercial or personal settings for their customers. Its objective is to optimize end-to-end logistics costs from China to emerging markets and provide dependable and recognized logistics services. Its vision is to become a leading one-stop comprehensive logistics provider in emerging markets. Build a complete logistical network from China to emerging markets by combining excellent resources.Services: EXPRESS - To meet the parcel delivery needs of consumers, Speedaf delivers customers high-quality, door-to-door, broad network coverage express service with rapid speed.WAREHOUSING - Speedaf warehouses are customized for e-commerce and traditional B2B customers in both China and emerging markets, to assist customers with inventory management, real-time monitoring, and rapid response to orders.TRUCKING - Speedaf delivers on-demand door-to-door trucking services at competitive costs and with dependable service to meet customers' LTL and FTL demands.CHINA-EMERGING MARKETS LOGISTICS - Speedaf delivers CHINA'S EMERGING MARKETS logistics through self-owned resources, such as air and marine services. Assuring that every delivery is delivered safely and on time.CUSTOMS CLEARANCE - Whether you ship by air or sea, Speedaf collaborates with local business partners, including their customs clearance and transportation services, to ensure customs compliance and prompt delivery of goods. With extensive customs clearance experience, they can help you avoid delays and penalties.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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