Spee-Dee, like many great enterprises, began small – very little. Don Weeres, a 37-year-old ambitious farm kid, launched the company in 1978. Don started Spee-Dee as an on-call delivery service, delivering products to local companies in his pickup truck. His goal was to create a competitively priced overnight delivery service that provided better service than the competition. More than 40 years later, the principle of providing outstanding overnight service at a reasonable price is still alive and well at Spee-Dee. Today, Spee-Dee provides over 12,000 shippers in nine states with dependable, cost-effective overnight package delivery. Every day, their customers entrust them with over 70,000 of their most critical packages. Since their humble beginnings, they've developed into a company with 1,800 individuals that carry items every day using over 1,300 pieces of equipment. Services: Basic Account - Spee-standard Dee's service makes handling your shipping as quick and straightforward as possible for businesses and individuals who ship twice a week or more. This service offers regularly scheduled pickups at your location Monday through Friday. With a dependable timetable, you save time and effort. Standard account clients receive free Spee-Dee Ship software and have the option of billing weekly, bimonthly, or monthly. On-Call Pick-Up Service - This service is suited for businesses or individuals that only ship once or twice a month. In their entire service region, Spee-Dee offers next-day pick-ups as well as same-day pick-ups based on availability. Their regular transit days apply to the packages. Pick-Up Tag Service - Customers with a Spee-Dee Delivery basic account can use the Pick-Up Tag Service. A pick-up tag is issued for a shipment to be picked up from a consumer and returned to your shipping location with this service. Their Pick-Up Tag Service is available across their entire service territory. Pick-up attempts are limited to two per pick-up tag. Spee-Dee EZR - Spee-Dee offers a unique program that makes returns simple. Customers can print their labels and track their returns on the Spee-Dee website with Spee-Dee EZR. The amount of consignees a customer ships to daily determines the rate.

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