Speedex Carrier is a privately held company with a fundamental business attitude that demonstrates a true commitment to quality and efficiency. The first option for same-day deliveries. Speedex Carrier is the firm you rely on when you need results immediately, not tomorrow or the next day.Procedure for Receiving and DistributingSpeedex Carrier Services offers centralized shipping/courier, receiving, and distribution services to the Ghanaian community, ensuring that all types of items, including irregularly shaped and perishable items, are shipped and delivered nationwide while meeting regulatory, cost, and time requirements.The personnel at Speedex Carrier Services offers specialized advise on the shipping of perishable commodities as well as foreign shipments. They are available to assist in offering prices and the best mode of shipping, and they keep costs to a minimal.Speedex Carrier Services expedites all inbound shipments and makes every effort to deliver all freight within 24 hours of arrival in Accra's inland metropolis.Business and Personal ShipmentsThe central receiving office receives shipments from all clients, processes them over the phone or via email, and delivers them to the recipient as soon as feasible and in accordance with their sensitivity. Speedex Carrier Services strives to deliver all courier packages to the recipient within 24 hours of their arrival.Courier items are transported to the addressee through motorcycles, bicycles, intercity commercial buses, conventional shipping mail system, huge truck deliveries, and other modes of transportation.All perishable, time-critical, and temperature-controlled shipments are delivered on the same day. All other things are rotated on a daily basis through mail runs and large truck deliveries.Shipments arrive at central receiving, where they are inspected for damage, examined for conformity, and prepared for delivery.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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