SunYou Post, whose official name is SunYou Logistics Co Ltd, is a large-scale courier service that operates throughout China. It was created in 2008. SunYou (also known as SunYou post) offers a variety of logistics and delivery services, from SunYou special lines and small packages to global rapid delivery.SunYou is primarily involved in eCommerce transportation and delivery in China, and is one of the country's main order courier providers. Many prominent Chinese e-tailers and marketplaces, such as Alibaba and GearBest, use SunYou to aid in the flow of goods within the country.SunYou is also well-known for its low prices, diverse delivery options, and quick turnaround. It is also expected to grow in tandem with China's booming e-commerce sector, ensuring that it continues to reinvest in its services and, as a result, improve as a company.SunYou provides a number of middlemen logistics and warehousing services in addition to delivery, which are used for a variety of purposes in the shipping and delivery industry. SunYou has offices in Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, among other places across the world.What is the location of SunYou?SunYou Post's headquarters and the majority of its operations are based in Shenzhen, China. However, the company has 30,000 square meters of package handling and storage centers across the world (mainly in China), which it employs to process the hundreds of thousands of parcels and shipments it receives every day. SunYou shipments are accessible for delivery both domestically and internationally, and SunYou tracking is usually provided on all of them.When monitoring a SunYou delivery, it's vital to keep in mind that the item may or may not be handled at the company's headquarters or any of its processing/warehousing facilities.Customers do not need to be concerned if their SunYou parcel does not go to their local SunYou facility because the company will calculate the fastest path based on the delivery service they booked. SunYou is a big international parcel delivery company that processes thousands of items every day, so we'll know the best path for your package to follow to ensure it arrives on time.How long does it take for SunYou to deliver your package?SunYou package delivery times will vary depending on the services acquired from the company. Domestic express delivery services will have some of the quickest delivery times, however foreign delivery times will take longer. SunYou parcel delivery times can be determined by contacting SunYou directly when purchasing their delivery services, asking the merchant for an anticipated arrival time if they use SunYou for their order deliveries, or tracking your parcel.

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