Swiss Post is the country's national mail service. With over 54,000 people, it is the country's second largest employer and is owned by the Swiss Confederation. The company is headquartered in Bern and has offices in 25 countries. Since April 2019, Roberto Cirillo has served as the company's CEO. For the fifth year in a row, Swiss Post was named the greatest postal service in the world by the Universal Postal Union in 2021. Large logistics firms, as well as people and legal entities in Switzerland, are served by the Swiss Post. Swiss Post is extremely dependable and punctual when it comes to delivering mail and packages to customers. Swiss Post was especially dependable in delivering parcels and mails last year. Swiss Post went above and above the requirements of postal legislation once again in 2018. Swiss Post makes every effort to make their customers' lives easier in the future. Swiss Post provides high-quality products and services to private and business customers in the communication, logistics, retail financial, and passenger transport markets. They connect the physical and digital worlds by offering new dialogue, document, and e-business solutions. Swiss Post is one of the world's leading postal companies in terms of current technology. Swiss Post's dedication to sustainability is ingrained in the company's culture. They follow a set of explicit values and are conscious of their social, environmental, and economic responsibilities. Tracking Packages Sent via Swiss PostTrack Swiss Post packages and check arrival status online by entering the tracking number. Tracking Packages Sent via Swiss Post. Track Swiss Post packages and check arrival status online by entering the tracking number. Track all of your packages in Switzerland and overseas by entering your tracking number and receiving real-time updates on their position.

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