On the basis of certificate No. 0359/05 dated 01/10/2018, TANAIS JSC is a logistics services operator and a customs representative operating across Russia without limits. In the year 2008, they established their company. They now offer a wide range of services relating to international cargo transportation and goods customs clearance, as well as comprehensive logistics services of any complexity. They can construct ideal shipping routes and always deliver on time since we have a large agent network covering the major nations of Europe, Asia, and America. They work with all modes of transportation and are prepared to clear any category of products through customs. Construction equipment, components, complicated technological equipment, domestic appliances, consumer goods, and food products are all areas in which they have a lot of experience.The organization currently employs over 100 people, all of them are specialists with advanced degrees and substantial practical experience. Individual attention and professionalism enable them to complete the tasks at hand, thereby living up to the expectations of their clients. They genuinely enjoy what they do, strive for growth, and are constantly open to new logistics initiatives. You get a qualified service provider and a trustworthy business partner when you choose them.The company TANAIS has been added to the list of customs representatives. Their experts have a wealth of experience working with a wide range of products. This ensures high-quality customs services, regardless of whether they're talking about groupage cargo delivery and clearance or any other activity. The customs and logistics services provided by TC "TANAIS" are appealing since they exclusively utilize honest techniques of working with clients that are focused on their demands. While your items are in the customs control zone, the company assumes full responsibility for them. The customer has the option of receiving a report on the status of the cargo clearance procedure at any time.

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