TForce Logistics is an asset-light final mile logistics and transportation service with a large footprint in the US and Canada. They prioritize customization over standardization. They take pride in their ability to build adaptable solutions and give clients affordable same-day and next-day delivery options. As an innovative logistics partner, provide strategic advantage and value to customer supply chains through flexible, integrated last-mile services. TForce Logistics places high importance on diversity in their business, customers, and employees. In the spirit of growing and winning together, they try to offer possibilities for personnel and professional service providers. Every member of their staff understands the value of providing a positive client experience, and it shows in everything they do.TForce Logistics is based in Dallas, Texas, and serves all major urban areas across the continental United States. They serve over 90% of the population with same-day and next-day delivery options. TForce Logistics is the largest same-day last-mile transportation solutions company in Canada, with headquarters in Toronto. Across North America, they successfully transport over 100 million shipments per year.SOLUTIONS FOR HOME DELIVERY - They understand that each customer's order is different, therefore they offer a variety of fulfillment alternatives to match your needs. They provide same-day and next-day delivery services, with morning and nighttime routes available. They can pick up and deliver from your warehouse or store, or they can consolidate your deliveries at their docks, giving you more delivery and price flexibility. Best of all, their same-day and next-day services are reasonably priced.VALUE FOR MONEY - Their branch sites are strategically positioned throughout North America and Canada's urban centers, resulting in an industry-leading and accessible distribution network for your deliveries. They can help determine the best cost-effective solution for your needs using their advanced logistics technologies, practically eliminating the cost barrier for any firm wanting same-day or next-day delivery to compete with larger e-commerce businesses.ORDER VISIBILITY - Their online order tracker gives you a better picture of your shipments as they travel. Customers will be able to follow their orders throughout the delivery process to see when they will be delivered. Within their mobile app, they also provide minute-by-minute status updates, push notifications, and location tracking.REPLACEMENT OF FLEETS - Take advantage of their flexible capacity and explore new markets by getting closer to your customers without the added overhead as the costs of compliance, management, and maintenance for private fleets continue to rise.OPPORTUNITIES IN ANALYTICS - With their proprietary software, you can optimize B2B delivery solutions and locate the most cost-effective routes. They examine your data and devise a strategy for providing your consumers with the finest same-day delivery experience possible.ARE YOU COMING FROM YOUR DOCK OR THEIRS? - Use one of their TForce Logistics docks or ship directly from your dock at competitively low pricing on-demand or pre-scheduled.

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