Qingdao Tongda Global Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is a supply chain management service provider specializing in supply chain program design and optimization, procurement and distribution, inventory management, capital settlement, customs clearance logistics, and information system supporting support for businesses. Based on the Internet platform, the company integrates various effective resources at home and abroad, and deeply integrates the Internet, finance, and traditional supply chain management through the in-depth development and application of supply chain management and logistics information systems, creating a new industry model, and integrating business flow.The company is dedicated to becoming the supply chain management partner closest to clients, believing that "generating maximum value for customers is the only reason for our existence." Create an integrated platform service enterprise by promoting a better matched and balanced global supply and demand.The network layout is always being improved by the organization. Currently, the domestic network encompasses all major ports and cities, while the international network spans more than 120 ports and cities across five continents. The Qingdao Bonded Port Area has been fully utilized thanks to the company's extensive domestic and international supply chain network resources and management experience. Customers can take advantage of location and policy advantages to get modern logistics services like supply chain design, import and export customs clearance, overseas procurement and distribution, overseas and bonded area warehousing, consolidation, distribution, and information technology support for cross-border trade e-commerce.Tongda's well-trained team can immediately supply customers with full logistical services and industrial solutions based on market needs, the company has built a flat Internet-style management organization structure. At the same time, Tongda's decentralized co-creation idea provides for a pleasant working and learning environment. Employees retain a high level of entrepreneurial zeal, insist on rapid self-improvement, and promote the company's rapid expansion.

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Parcel Tracker provides tracking both for international postal services (delivery services run by countries) and for couriers (private companies such as UPS and FedEx).

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