Guangdong Zhuozhi Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2017 and is located in Guangzhou, owns Zhuozhi Express. Zhuozhi Express has developed a digital intelligent express platform for cross-border e-commerce businesses and is working to become a digital intelligent express service provider for new retail.Their Services and Products:Cross-border BC import service: It applies to imported goods that have been traded on cross-border e-commerce websites and must be declared in accordance with the General Administration of Customs' requirements for "three orders" in order to benefit from cross-border e-commerce comprehensive tax preferential policies. Domestic distribution can choose four links and one delivery, SF Express or EMS, and Zhuozhi Express can achieve 24-hour customs clearance and release, providing a "come and go" customs clearance mode.Personal effects import service: It applies to items imported by persons in the package state after purchasing abroad and is taxed according to the postal tax system; it is rapid and stable; domestic delivery can be picked from four links and one delivery, SF Express or EMS, for example.Cross-border BC export service: The logistics customs clearance service established for cross-border e-commerce export demand conforms with the General Administration of Customs' criteria for "three orders to meet each other." Non-refundable and tax refund funds have different requirements.Express export service: Complete the package export service of domestic customs clearing, international logistics, overseas customs clearance, destination delivery, and other links after receiving the package in China. It can be directly carried by air to the destination country, with a variety of services, reasonable pricing, a high delivery rate, and real-time tracking throughout the process, thanks to substantial aviation resources.Zhuozhi is a top domestic cross-border e-commerce service provider with a history of focusing on foreign trade import and export services for more than 20 years. It also has a momentum of continuous innovation with the development of cross-border e-commerce. Zhuozhi connects first-line e-commerce platforms at home and abroad, services over 1,000 e-commerce businesses, and offers one-stop solutions for foreign well-known brands looking to enter China. Brand management, omnichannel distribution, international logistics, customs clearance, warehouse distribution, technological system, marketing promotion, and other services are included in the package. Zhuozhi signed an international high-quality cooperation agreement with a number of international suppliers during the first CIIE, with a deal worth more than 500 million yuan. As a cross-border e-commerce expert, Zhuozhi is eager to collaborate with more businesses in order to embrace the new blue ocean of cross-border e-commerce.

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