Uzbekistan's postal service is an enlarged postal network with postal routes that receive, handle, and transport postal items, state pensions, and periodicals. The country's national postal network is organized according to the geographical principle by the Open Joint-Stock Company "Uzbekiston Pochtasi." It has 14 regional divisions, 177 country and city centers, 2986 post offices (2296 rural), and 1 specialist branch "Halkaro Pochtamt," as well as 34 air routes, 2 railway routes, and 436 automotive routes for regular delivery of postal commodities.The republic post's operating net is one of its most valuable assets. Every day, over 15000 individuals labor at post offices, handling thousands of letters, telegrams, money orders, and parcels, as well as delivering newspapers, periodicals, pensions, and allowances to millions of people. Many new services are launched, including utility and telephone bill payment, property insurance, lottery distribution, e-mail service, and the Internet.The national post operator of Uzbekistan is the Open Joint-Stock Company "Uzbekiston Pochtasi." It facilitates the exchange of many types of post office commodities with other countries around the world, as well as the republic's obligations to the United Nations Postal Union (UPU).

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