Vasp Expresso

Vasp Expresso is a Vasp Group business subsidiary that specializes in express parcel delivery. After gaining authorization from ANACOM to operate in the express mail delivery business, they began operations in October 2011: AUTHORIZATION N.o ICP-ANACOM - 12/2012 - SP. Currently, they can guarantee coverage of the entire national territory thanks to Portugal's largest network of logistical platforms. They offer cutting-edge services and back up their entire delivery process with a mobile solution that enables continuous order tracking on the Vasp Expresso website, from collection to delivery to the final recipient.They use technology solutions that help them stand out in the market to keep things running smoothly:They have a Vasp Expresso order management system that keeps track of all points of sale in real-time, they created routes using optimization algorithms, they export to distributors' terminals, they provide your distributors with PDAs that are connected to the central system via 3G, they provide "track & trace" software that is linked to the delivery service management system in real-time, and they provide the ability to consult the status of shipments made via the internet on a continuous basis.They are deeply committed to the security of their services, always thinking about what is best for their customers and partners:In their delegations, they have a modern CCTV system, they use GPS to track the route of distribution vehicles in real-time, they physically read barcodes to record the entry and exit movements of all orders on their platforms, they have special sealable containers and packaging for the most sensitive goods, they validate all deliveries by collecting the recipient's signature or entering a secret code from the Kios network, and they carefully select their drivers.

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