On June 11, 1998, Wahana became a legal entity. Surabaya received its first branch office. In Singapore, the company opened its first foreign branch office. In Surabaya, the first agent partner system was launched. There are 53 branch offices, 3500+ agency partners, and 2500+ workers at this company. PT. Wahana Prestasi Logistik is a leading company in the low-cost shipping business (under the Wahana Express brand), logistics and storage (Wahana Logistic), and e-commerce support (under the Wahana Prestasi Logistik brand) (Wahana Commerce). Wahana has been serving the country for over 20 years and is poised to thrive in the industrial era 4.0 by providing efficient, quick, and friendly services. How can you figure out how much delivery will cost? - Go to the CHECK RATES option and select the origin and destination cities that best suit your needs.What factors must be taken into account before sending goods? - Double-check the sender's and recipient's names, addresses, destination city, village, postal code, and phone numbers.Why is it necessary to provide an accurate and comprehensive address of the goods? - To guarantee that the data submitted into the Wahana system is correct, allowing the sorting and shipping process to go as planned. As a result of an incomplete destination address, products are either not delivered or are delivered to the incorrect region.What if the postal code/sub-district/kelurahan isn't included? - It can be confirmed that the items will be returned to the recipient because the incomplete address will make it impossible for the courier to perform the delivery, causing the goods to be delayed.What if you gave the incorrect address? - Your Customer Service department will contact the sender/recipient. If the address is found to be incorrect or incomplete, an extra fee for the return of goods or re-delivery to the proper address will be levied.

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