Shanghai Yida Express Service Co., Ltd., often known as YDH Express, was established in 2002. Initially, the corporation engaged in logistics and transportation on China-Japan routes. In response to the expansion of e-commerce and international trade, the company has expanded its operations to become a worldwide cross-border logistics operator, providing warehouse services abroad as well as sea, air, and land transport.YDH Express aspires to deliver a "safe, rapid, dependable, and professional" service, making its know-how available in the context of E-commerce globalization and offering to meet customers' expectations in terms of logistics and express transport.The company allows merchants to focus on their sales by handling the shipping, logistics, and supply chain optimization.YDH Express transports parcels all over the world. To service the international market, the company has established specialized lines to several continents and nations.In addition, the company has developed a service for Amazon partners that provides for the pickup and storage of items in order to increase sales and cut transportation costs for shops who use the Amazon platform.YDH Express has branches and warehouse hubs throughout China, with each structure dedicated to distinct lines and services.For the transportation of goods in recipient countries, the company YDH Express collaborates with a large number of partners.How do I contact YDH Express?the head office of YDH Express is located in China, at the following address:28th Floor, AFC Dahonggiao International, 999 Li'an Street, Minhang District, ShanghaiCustomer service can be reached by phone at the following numbers:+864008881378And by email to the following

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