Yunexpress, a leading third-party logistics company in China, was founded in 2014 and has grown to become a leading cross-border B2C logistics service provider, providing services for cross-border e-commerce sellers. Yunexpress is a global logistics company with four primary business divisions: cross-border B2C, FBA transfer, postal package, and international express. More than 100 logistical options are available to satisfy the needs of different types and sizes of cross-border e-commerce businesses. With consistent time and cost-effective services, they have earned their clients' trust and admiration.YunExpress specialized in E-commerce parcels and offered the best worldwide directline logistics solutions to international E-commerce sellers. There are 20 or more self-operated branch companies, 15 or more transit hubs, 700,000 or more daily processed volume, 10,000 or more enterprise clients, and 1500 or more professionals.Why YunExpressLeading information technology - Yunexpress has independently investigated the double logistics platforms of the business + data, providing clients with a full-link digital service system with pick-up, air transport, customs clearances, warehousing services, and last-mile delivery, based on the leading internet architecture. Yunexpress is one of the industry's few good logistics service providers with the industry's core informationalized technology for logistics services.High-efficiency and robust hardware systems - We're committed to building smart logistics and realizing the intelligence, visualization, and high efficiency of service procedures that will make the cross-border e-commerce logistics business a wiser place.Excellent product innovation capability - Yunexpress offers various benefits in terms of service innovation, bringing significant ease to clients and earning excellent reputations.Rich and perfect overseas warehouse storage layout - Yunexpress' international networks, as a logistics service provider, encompass foreign countries where the largest cross-border e-commerce export occurs.Cross-border B2C Lines - Cross-border logistics provides an independent first-mile transportation arrangement, commercial customs clearance in the destination country, and last-mile delivery entrusted to professional logistics providers. Customers have complimented and trusted cross-border e-commerce logistics because of its consistent punctuality and cost-effective services.FBA - Fulfillment is the process of storing, packaging, and shipping orders, as well as handling returns and exchanges, for cross-border e-commerce businesses. When you choose FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), you must ship your products to one of Amazon's international operation centers or warehouses to receive full customer service, including selection, packaging, and delivery.Postal Parcel - It has a strong pick-up capability, a simple shipping method, and global coverage of 232 nations and regions, thanks to the integration of postal services from diverse countries.International Express - YunExpress is an international express service provider dedicated to providing the best logistic solutions for international cross-border e-commerce sellers. YunExpress has diversified worldwide express services by adopting an intelligent logistics management mode and experienced logistics service teams to deliver customized international express solutions based on customer expectations.

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