ZTO Express which was founded on May 8, 2002, is one of China's largest express delivery providers in terms of parcel volume, with a market share of 20.4 percent in 2020. ZTO has established itself as the trusted express delivery partner for millions of commercial customers, including online merchants and consumers selling and buying products on China's leading e-commerce sites, such as Alibaba, PDD, and JD.com, and has established itself as a key enabler and direct beneficiary of China's fast-growing e-commerce market. ZTO uses a highly scalable network partner model that allows it to swiftly grow its nationwide network and offer e-commerce merchants a wider geographic reach at a cheap cost. It operates the mission-critical line-haul transportation and sorting network inside the express delivery service value chain through a network partner model, while its network partners operate the first-mile pickup and last-mile delivery outlets. ZTO achieves great operating leverage through operational efficiency and economies of scale, resulting in higher returns on both capital and equity. ZTO's goal is to become the world's leading provider of comprehensive logistics services. ZTO offers express delivery services that are quick, safe, and cost-effective. ZTO is guided by its corporate mission of "Bringing Happiness to More People Through Our Services" and its core values of "Shared Success, Trust, and Accountability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship." The company has received numerous awards for its services, including "Top Ten Influential Brands of Chinese Express Delivery Industry" and "Top Ten Excellent Brands to Customers' Satisfaction in Chinese Express Delivery Industry." ZTO had over 300,000 employees and 9,400 network partners as of Sember 30, 2017. ZTO's distribution network covers more than 97.69 percent of China's cities and counties, as well as 81.5 percent of its towns, with over 28,900 pickup/delivery locations and 79 sorting centers. Between sorting hubs, ZTO has around 4,410 line-haul vehicles and 1,920 line-haul routes. ZTO is an important e-commerce facilitator. Wherever there is an Internet connection, ZTO will be there to assist people in creating a wonderful existence.

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